Issue 30 CD


Issue 30 CD


Date de sortie: Août 2000

Recorded live at The Haddington, August 29th 1999.
1 (Medley) :
Emperor's Song (D.Dick/R.Boult/J.Cassidy)
Credo (D.Dick/M.Simmonds/R.Boult/F.Usher)
What Colour is God? (D.Dick/S.Wilson)
Mr. 1470 (D.Dick/F.Paterson/R.Boult)
2 The Plague Of Ghosts (D.Dick/T.Turrell/M.Daghorn)
(I) Old Haunts
(II) Digging Deep
(III) Chocolate Frogs
(IV) Waving At Stars
(V) Raingods Dancing
(VI) Wake-Up Call (Make It Happen)
3 (Medley) :
Cliché (D.Dick/M.Simmonds/H.Lindes)
The Perception Of Johnny Punter (D.Dick/S.Wilson)
4 Incomplete (D.Dick/E.Antwi/Millet)
5 Sunsets on Empire (D.Dick/S.Wilson)
6 The Company (D.Dick/M.Simmonds)

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